13 nov. 2014

Winter 2014

Diorama "Norfolk". 1/72 scale.
 Hello everyone.
       We have since concluded the summer season in the Grand Central Museum. Note that the visits have occurred mainly in September and October and that was due to a change in advertising policy at Grand Central Museum.
      While the response of the Municipality has been excellent, as usual, the Museum can not depend exclusively on local inflow. We observed that the affluence of public to the Museum, produced, or rather, comes from places like Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, Madrid, etc ... We are talking about people who come to see us from afar and not afraid to take a couple or three hours of driving to visit us.
     Visits to the Museum by the villages near Pobladura have been extensive and very helpful in every way and we have found that public support for the Shire has been and is still excellent.
     A special case is that of Benavente, instead of which we ordered to withdraw all advertising and references widely Museum for reasons explained in a previous post. However, that does not matter because deep down we always knew that the fort of the town is not the culture or the Museums.
     The Grand Central Museum, will be open for the fall and winter months, albeit with a slightly tighter schedules. Opens to the public on weekends and daily in the normal schedule will need to call to make the appointment. This is because the expansion works are underway at the Museum, require no less than four days of intensive work week and is not safe to be rushing the works with the public involved. Anyway, calling a couple of hours before is enough to arrange a visit so that is not a problem.
     In addition to the aforementioned construction of the Grand Central Terminal in 1/87 scale, we are undertaking other jobs in construction consisting of two new dioramas and completion of other two, which will be ready in a few days and it may be viewed by the public at the Board of Navigation.
     A third Diorama consisting of a 1/72 scale reproduction of the Japanese aircraft carrier Akagi, will be ready in about three weeks from now and if all goes as planned.
    Soon more news.

A greeting.
RMS Gigantic. 1/48 scale.